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Album Review: Yatta! by Bearded Youth Quest

Brighton five piece Bearded Youth Quest have released their debut album Yatta! Simply put this album is your essential math rock release of 2015. There are touches of post rock in there, but you’ll find Yatta! to be a youthful, fun and raucous run through of math rock that at times brings back the exhilaration of And So I Watch You From Afar’s debut blended with the fun riffs and rhythms of Alpha Male Tea Party and label mates Quadrilles.

As is the case with all instrumental music the emotion and feeling has to come solely from the riffs and grooves, here Bearded Youth Quest execute a sense of fun and joy with aplomb. Opener ‘Sports Beard’ conjures an unbridled exhilaration that excites and gets the blood pumping. At times the riffs are thunderous, sending a shiver down your spine. You could be forgiven for noticing similarities to And So I Watch You From Afar, it’s most noticeable on the opening track and pops its head out several other times, but rather than copying the sound Bearded Youth Quest have honed their sound and made it their own.

‘Stuck In The Mud’ and ‘Percy’ are rooted in a more complex math rock structure. Both tracks are of the highest calibre and you’d be particularly hard pushed not to fall in love with the latter. Humungous riffs welcome you with open arms before the track calms and builds to a glorious crescendo with heavy riffs that are bathed in a feel good factor that make you grin from ear to ear. The laidback groove and complex riff structure of ‘Cardboard Armour’ is a thing of beauty that compels you to move along. While the beginning of ‘Bjork Scratchings’ takes you towards a spaced out post rock landscape you get the feeling that with Yatta! you’re listening to something uniquely special. This is a band that have honed their sound, taken their influences and created a truly astounding album.

With the solo riffs and complex math riffs towards the end of ‘Bjork Scratchings’ you forget the world and are fully immersed in the details and intricacy of Yatta! Thrilling at every juncture you can’t help but fall into its pit of riffs and time structures. It excels in ‘Quantumplation’ taking all the expansive and progressive parts of the band’s sound mixing with a complex structure and intricate riffs to form a beast of track that blows you away. ‘U=Nobody’ is equally as thrilling with its darker and heavier tone before ‘Stone Hench’ comes in and announces itself as one of the finest songs of 2015. It is exactly the right blend of heavy riffs, intricate noodling and expansive moments. It’s one of those tracks you instantly love first time around and fall in love a little more each with each listen before you realise it could just be your favourite song of 2015. It packs a more emotional punch than the rest of album, making it standout. With album closer ‘Dad Kisser’ you get the icing on the cake, a superb math rock track that has little nuisances which come out different with each listen.

With Yatta! Bearded Youth Quest have raised the bar. They’re here to be your new favourite band of the year and this album stands out as one of the very best of 2015.

Released on Lonely Voyage Records, get the album on limited edition coloured vinyl here

AD Rating 9.5/10

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