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EP Review: Magnet by The Fierce and The Dead

Instrumental act The Fierce and The Dead release their first new material in two years on 14th August in the form of new EP Magnet. Featuring six songs (three new songs, a re-recording of ‘Flint’ and 2 songs recorded live in rehearsals) it is a formidable EP that compounds why the band are such a revered act.

The new material in ‘Magnet In Your Face’, ‘Palm Trees’ and ‘Part 6’ shine through as some of the best work committed to record by the band. Each track conjures up a sonic landscape that is full of emotive guitar parts and big dynamics that thrill on each listen. ‘Magnet In Your Face’ is a bombastic opener with the pounding bass and drums driving the track, the thunderous riffs breaks down into some delicate and expansive guitar work before exploding and cumulating in a wonderful crescendo.

‘Palm Trees’ has an air of early And So I Watch You From Afar entrenched in the sonics of post rock. We love a good emotive instrumental track here at Alt Dialogue and you couldn’t ask for more from ‘Palm Trees’, it’s phenomenal. Take the guitar work at around the 1 minute 40 mark it burrows down into your sole and tugs at your heartstrings. From there the track builds towards it formidable and crushing climax. As those crunching riffs sink in, goosebumps are sent down your arms. The re-recording of Flint gives the track a breath of life and adds an extra vitality that makes it even more impressive than the original version.

‘Part 6 (The Eight Circuit)’ blows you away. Four minutes of enthralling post rock that excites and amazes on each listen. You’ll discover a different nuance on each listen, whether it be the loops or expansive guitars it strikes a chord emotionally on every listen for different reasons. You get the feeling that this is the sound Maybeshewill were going for on Fair Youth, yet The Fierce and The Dead have just executed it to aplomb.

The rehearsal recordings of ‘Let’s Start A Cult’ and ‘Spooky Action’ feel looser and freer than their previous version, but ultimately they stand as a marker to how the band have grown and improved in their two years.

Magnet is your essential instrumental / post rock EP of 2015.

AD Rating 9/10

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