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Album Review: Bird by Bangers

Cornish punks Bangers release their third album Bird on 10th August. It’s a step up, with more emphasis on conventional ‘rock’ than 2013’s Crazy Fucking Dreams and 2014’s limited edition Mysterious Ways. A punk record through and through, dealing with disfranchisement with modern life, questioning reality and where the blurred lines between non-fiction and science fiction, you’ll notice amongst the riffs there’s something a little more grown up and accessible to Bangers this time around.

Each of the ten tracks on Bird pack a serious punch, whether it be the defiant punk of opener ‘No!’, the indie-punk catchiness of ‘The Trousers Of Time’ or the rock swagger of ‘Vibrate’ each track serves it purpose of hitting you hard and leaving you begging for more. The great thing about Bird is how enjoyable and infectious it is. After just one listen you’ll find yourself falling in love with each track and having the album on repeat.

‘I Don’t Feel Like I’ll Ever Be Clean Again’ and the aforementioned ‘The Trousers of Time’ are early highlights. The former gets the blood racing while the latter tones things a notch and you get some wonderfully fuzzy riffs. ‘Fleshlings’ is a brilliant track, there’s a boisterous energy that’s infectious and begs you to dance along. Roo Pescod’s snarling vocal adds a punk intensity that makes you want to throw caution to the wind and throw yourself around the room. ‘Half Human’ delivers up more of the same yet ends up sounding even better. The breakdown riffs, the hook, the build up and the explosion all come together wonderfully. It’s an exhilarating track that at various points sends goose bumps down your arms. Phenomenal.

‘Stressful Festival’ has all the defiant punk energy you could ever want, the chants of ‘I’m so tired of trying to be somebody else’ ring out long after the track has ended – the ideal soundtrack to the dissatisfied youth of today. ‘Asimov’ has the indie spike of the late 00s, there’s a certain Futureheads ring to it, it works well with Pescod’s vocal and it begs you dance along. ‘Vibrate’ turns down the intensity and the track revels in the delicate guitars and pounding drums for its quieter parts, when the track explodes the riffs are viciously heavy and ooze quality. Bird closes on a real high point with ‘Partial Eclipse’. The track is awash in rock swagger while retaining a punk energy, it’s an uplifting and infectious end to proceedings.

With Bird, Bangers have produced one of the best punk rock albums of 2015. It retains it punk roots while pushing the boat out in terms of accessibility and more conventional rock music. Thoroughly enjoyable from beginning to end, this is an essential listen.

AD Rating 8.5/10


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