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Album Review: Resister by The Decline

Australian skate punks The Decline release their third album Resister on August 3rd (in the UK). It’s a stomping punk album that is equal parts infectious and thrilling. From the band’s 2010 debut I’m Not Going To Lie To You to their sophomore follow up Are You Going To Eat That in 2011 they’ve become a recognisable name in the international punk scene, Resister can only go to solidify their reputation.

2015 saw a line up change and it seems to have invigorated the band, adding an extra intensity. The songs on Resister come out sounding accomplished and tight. There are some real gems here; early highlights include the stinging ‘I Don’t Believe’ and the raucous ‘Almost Never Met You’. While the punk hooks and spikey riffs give the songs their basis, the confrontational lyrics stick two fingers up to the man. The latter track talks of the frustration with work and life, it’s relatable and gives The Decline that edge over their contemporaries.

There is an early Frank Turner style quality to ‘You Call This A Holiday’. It’s not just the acoustic punk style, the vocal couldn’t be closer. That’s not a particularly bad thing though; one of the best things about Turner’s early solo career was how he married his stories with a punky backdrop. The Decline excel here and when the track explodes it’s glorious. ‘Camberwell Street’ and ‘Broken Bones’ go for a more traditional punk rock structure and both songs work well. They’re raucous and full of hooks what more could you really want?

The double header of ‘Wrecking Ball Barbershop’ and ‘Wrecking Ball’ can’t help but raise a smile. It doesn’t take a genius to work out the former is a Barbershop Quartet version of the latter, focusing on the chorus it presses home how catchy and perfectly formed it is. Add a bit of spice and some crunching guitars and the latter comes out as one of the strongest tracks on Resister. ‘Underworld Tour’ has all the hallmarks of a classic punk rock song, you’d be forgiven for being reminded of SMASH ere Offspring, it’s catchy and instantaneous  with the breakdown riffs suckering you in and begging to be put on repeat.

The Decline certainly don’t break the mould with Resister yet it is a top quality punk rock album. It’s engrossing and thoroughly enjoyable from start to finish. Stick it on, grin from ear to ear and enjoy.

AD Rating 7.5/10


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