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EP Review: Where We Belong by Elasea

Birkshire alt rock quartet Elasea release their debut EP Where We Belong on August 3rd. Elasea made a name for themselves as a local cover band. They went on to release a variety of videos on YouTube gaining hits of over 20,000 and more. Over the past year the band have had support from BBC Introducing and are hoping this EP is going to push them towards the spotlight they hold heartedly crave.

“From the new EP you can expect lots of different influences from all of us.” explains bassist Liv Jones “We would like the EP to reach as many people as possible, from that point we want to gig as much as we can so we can then being the process of a full length album.”

Where We Belong is bound to propel the band towards the spotlight, its big inoffensive alt rock full of soaring riffs, hooks and melodic harmonies. It’s got all the hallmarks of a successful mainstream rock band – there’s hints of InMe (at the height of their success), smatterings of current in vogue bands like Mallory Knox and Lower Than Atlantis. There’s even a hint of Charlie Simpson in the vocal.

It’s a good, solid debut EP.  There isn’t a weak song on Where We Belong, each of the five tracks ooze talent and you’ve got to admire the riffs and excellent structure. ‘Time Is Against Us’ and ‘Where I Belong’ standout as the best tracks, the crunching riffs and impassioned vocal on the former are a particular highlight. You’re just left with the overwhelming feeling that it’s all a little too safe. ‘On The Line’ is a prime example. It develops from being a gentle ballad into a big blustering stadium rock song in the most unchallenging and radio friendly way possible. Being so focused on the spotlight may have produced a good EP yet it comes out sounding a little contrived.

AD Rating 6/10

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