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EP Review: Noose by Downers

Melodic shoegaze/grunge act Downers release their debut EP Noose on 1st August. Downers came together in early 2015, as frontman Bobby Pook had been writing material for the project towards the end of Me Vs Hero. Comprised of old school friends and friends from previous musical adventures, as a collective, they all had an urge to go back to the 90’s guitar music that got them wanting to play/learn to be in band in the first place.

There’s a big nod to the Smashing Pumpkins on ‘Graze’, it has a lucid hypnotic feel that ingrains itself and gets the blood pumping. ‘Erased’ is based on a recurring, lucid dream that frontman Bobby has about being invisible. In the dream, Bobby’s invisibility is a gradual process, fading from normality, to complete concealment. Bobby goes through stages of struggling with fear and acceptance, every night. Musically it goes for the tried and test grunge structure of quiet-loud-quiet-loud, when the guitars explode into life it’s an exhilarating listen. ‘Grown Out’ has the visceral quality of a Bleach era Nirvana and has a Kurt Cobain-esque lyrical content of wanting to break free and throw off the shackles.

Noose feels like a homage to the 90s, but it works wonderfully. It’s a thrilling listen that gets you excited for more material from the band.

AD Rating 7.75/10



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