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EP Review: Permanence by Homebound

British pop punks Homebound have released their new EP Permanence on Failure By Design Records. You probably haven’t failed to notice the resurgence of British pop punk, the likes of Neck Deep, ROAM etc are going from strength to strength. With Permanence, Homebound will join them.

The EP is short and snappy –an abundance of hooks and choruses are rammed into the 5 tracks. While they may not stray far the classic pop punk template, all 5 tracks are thoroughly enjoyable and make for a pleasant yet raucous listen. Lead single ‘Worthwhile’ and ‘Bittersweet’ are the standout tracks; you can imagine both lighting up a boisterous room of pop punks.

The fact that the record was produced by Seb Barlow (Neck Deep, ROAM, Blood Youth) explains why the EP never strays from the tried and tested. Barlow has managed to harness and hone the sound of Homebound, wrapping it up in a safe yet accomplished EP.

While Permanence may not break any boundaries, it’s fun and enjoyable – importantly what more could you really need from a pop punk EP. ‘Grounded’ serves up a slab of evocative lyrics and big choruses, it is infectious and instantaneous. You can imagine this will be a hit with the Kerrang! readership. Homebound will be big, the potential is obvious, yet for us it is a little too safe.

AD Rating 6.5/10


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