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Album Review: Seeker by My Cardboard Spaceship Adventure

Pittsburgh pop punks My Cardboard Spaceship Adventure have released their debut album Seeker. A year of hard work went into Seeker and it shows. It’s a mature and accomplished sounding album; it’s not your run of the mill pop punk. It’s a little more refined and adult.  Big emotive lyrics and catchy hooks are the order of the day. Think Jimmy Eat World and Motion City Sound Track and you’ll be on the right track.

Line-up changes and experiences of being in a band have made the MCSA the band they are today, it feeds into Seeker. Songs like ‘Last Summer’ and ‘Dangerous To Be Alone’ tell their own stories of love and lost love yet it’s the quality musicianship that shines through. The former is the first point on Seeker that makes you sit up and take notice – the quality shines from there on in and the latter is a particularly strong and catchy number.


‘Time Waster’ has a lovely crunching guitar riff that drives the track throughout before ‘I Lost Again’ triumphs and revels in being a huge rock song. ‘I Lost Again’ is a fine example of how accessible MCSA are, easy and light on the ear, there’s enough hooks to sucker you in and leave you begging for more. It is as if MCSA have taken the formula of a mid 00s Jimmy Eat World and mixed in equal parts of Iron Chic and the pop tones of Frank Turner.

Being a self released and (largely) self produced album, there’s a punk DIY aesthetic about Seeker that gives it a little more magic and a certain rawness. ‘War’ goes for a more straight pop rock song, it’s got a huge sound, the guitars and drums building superbly to the infectious chorus. You imagine that with the right backing MCSA should be way more successful than they currently are. Album closer ‘Without You’ takes that formula and ramps it up a gear adding a more conventional pop punk structure. You can’t help but sing along and dance.

While for the most part Seeker sounds accomplished it’s still a little rough around the edges. Tracks like ‘Miles To Go’ and ‘Ticking’ could be a little more polished, but it’s minor discretion in what is otherwise a great debut album.

AD Rating 7/10


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