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Introducing: Liam Brown

Let Alt Dialogue introduce you to Liam Brown, a 16 year old from Aintree Liverpool and who likes to spend an unhealthy amount of time in his bedroom recording an endless amounts of tracks. You can stream his debut Dogs & Other Wild Things and his latest EP On My Chest below. It all comes out sounding like a jangly indie-rock mix of Bombay Bicycle Club, The Smiths and The Cure

Talking about recording, Liam says, “The recording process was a bit unusual compared to what I’ve seen done by other musicians that I look up to. Basically I would get a melody down on the guitar plug it into my laptop have a MIDI keyboard and many other wires cluttered in my room and get a back bone for a track done and dusted. Then for the words I would just sit there improvising some lyrics that fitted the song and then that turned into the album”.

“The track that I’m happy with is the first track Ocean Motion mainly because I think it’s a track that people can get up and dance too and the lyrics are not too complex to forget. It reminds of a song that someone would play on the beach because it does have a lot of references to waves and other beach-like things”.

“I’m also happy with the track ‘What Will Life Make Of You?’ Which is on my EP On My Chest. I like The Smiths esque melancholic lyrics because it’s always something I’ve wanted to incorporate in my songs.”

“Hopefully if you see past the bedroom recording and low budget nature of the tracks there might be some ones that people might enjoy and even dance to.”

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