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Album Review: Party Adjacent by Dan Andriano In The Emergency Room

Alkaline Trio bassist Dan Andriano releases his sophomore solo album Party Adjacent today via Asian Man Records. Like it’s 2009 predecessor Hurricane Season it’s done under the moniker of Dan Andriano In The Emergency Room. The first thing that will hit you about Party Adjacent is how much of an easy listen it is, gone are the dark and macabre tones of Alkaline Trio, replaced by a straighter more relatable content.

In Alkaline Trio, Andriano may write between a third to half an album, while Matt Skiba takes centre stage. Here he excels and revels in being in complete control. On the whole Party Adjacent flows wonderfully with a comfortable and assured sound. The album, both lyrically and musically, starts of dark and introspective gradually becoming happier and ending up life affirming and upbeat.

Opener ‘Pretty Teeth’ starts off quiet, building yet keeping a brooding darkness. It seems like a tentative step into the album. Apart from the delicate acoustics of ‘Don’t Have A Thing’ the album doesn’t really kick off until the fifth track. My word does it kick on from there though, ‘My Human Being’ makes an announcement that things are being kicked up a gear before the phenomenal punk rock of ‘Haunt Your House’ reverberates around your ear drums. Lyrically it seems to be a very personal track, talking of missing home and coming to the end of your tether, yet it’s unbelievably infectious and instantaneous.

You can feel the record growing and getting better through the raucous punk energy of ‘Fire Pit’ and infectious groove of ‘Enemies’. At this point you sense Andriano has discarded the chains of Alkaline Trio and created a record that is unique and far removed from his full time gig. ‘Lowrider’ is a great pop rock track while ‘Plain Old Whiskey’ is a dirty and raw drunken ballad. ‘Lost’ throbs and simmers with a punk energy before exploding into a garage rock track with added reckless abandon. The best is left to last though with album closer ‘Snake Bites’. An accomplished Alt-Rock track it comes out sounding like a punked up Bloc Party. The hook is infectious; the guitars soar, crash and explode at all the right moments. The guitar work around the 3 minute mark is intricate and expansive. Goose bump material.

Dan Andriano has come up trumps with Party Adjacent. By the end Alkaline Trio is a distant memory, which alone is testament to how good the album is. An excellent alt rock album.

AD Rating 7.75/10

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