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EP Review: Synergy by Colorbred

Colorbred release their debut EP Synergy on the 26th July. A hybrid of progressive post hardcore and jazz, you’ll find Synergy a compelling listen. Not only do they have a unique sound, their set up is pretty unique too. Being split up across the world – Spain, Louisiana and California – the recording process is done over Dropbox with ideas discussed over Skype etc. Read more about the process here.

The distance does the sound no harm, coming out tight and accomplished. ‘Mistakes’ is a thrilling post hardcore track with some excellent expansive guitar lines interspersed throughout. ‘My Roots’ has its basis in post hardcore once again, the harmonies and chorus are textbook, but the real magic comes from the more progressive groove and intricate riffs that propel the track into becoming unique and beguiling.

‘Green Eyes’ is the real gem within Synergy. There’s a expansive and soaring quality akin to Chon yet it retains the instantaneous hooks of any post hardcore track. Conversely the true quality of the track may not hit you until the second or third listen. While the post hardcore elements may be immediate, it’s the complex and free jazz side of the track that shine in the end. ‘Blindfolded’ goes for the same tact, yet never hits it predecessor’s high points. ‘Glints’ is another excellent track that shines and marks Colorbred out as a band with real potential.

As debut EPs go, Synergy is of the highest quality. It displays the quality and potential in the band. Naturally there’s improvements that could be made, the vocal could be reined in slightly and sometimes the band could make use of the old ‘less is more’ ethos. Nevertheless Colorbred have made a bold statement of intent and my word is powerful.

AD Rating 8/10

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