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EP Review: Antecedence by F.O.E.S

Liverpudlian quartet F.O.E.S release their highly anticipated second EP Antecedence on 10th July via new UK independent rock label Crooked Noise Records. Where their 2014 debut Ophir was a unique record that whetted the appetite, Antecedence sees the band growing and becoming more comfortable in their sound.

It’s an astounding EP, with all 5 tracks being of the highest calibre. ‘Rival Thrones’ is a blistering piece of raw post-hardcore, the double bass drum adds a punch while front man Chris Mackrill’s emotive vocal suckers you in. “We’ve tried to be as honest as possible with the new EP” comments Mackrill “I hate it when music isn’t about anything in particular, it winds me up. Even if it’s just  an idea of a subject that develops, at least it has a subject. When songwriters are asked what their songs are about and they’ve no idea, I just can’t see the point in that.”

That honesty shines through at every juncture, especially in the enthralling ‘Crown Antler’. Even with the brilliant vocal aside it comes out as a blend of visceral metal and expansive post rock. That unique blend makes Antecedence truly special. ‘This Is Kingdom Come’ and ‘No Sleepers Verse’ separate the two sounds allowing the devastating riffs in the former to standout and command the track, while the latter veers into Maybeshewill territory which is executed with aplomb.

Special praise must be singled out for the formidable ‘El Penumbra’. The lyrical content is chillingly and brutally honest, while the expansive and soaring guitar work wash over you conjuring an emotive and post-apocalyptic landscape.

Antecedence is an EP that marks F.O.E.S  out to be ones to watch in 2015. The band have talent in abundance and you get the feeling that this is just the start of the band realising and releasing that potential. Essential listening.

AD Rating 8.5/10


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