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Feature: Singles, Videos and Tracks round up / July 2015

What better way to kick off July than with a round-up of some of the best singles, videos and tracks released in the last couple of days, load the tracks up and listen to them in the sun.

Weight Of The Water by Time Spent Driving
It’s their first material released since 2007 and the emo pioneers return with this beautifully subtle track. It takes a slower and quieter feel than expected, yet it works wonderful. Expect big emotions.

86 by Last Light
If big emotive alt-rock with post-hardcore leanings is your thing then you’ll love the new track from Last Light. From the quiet intro to the moment the track explodes around the 1 minute mark it works wonderfully. We’re expecting big things from this band.

Boy by Tellison
The second single from forthcoming album Hope Fading Nightly (out in September). The alt-rock titans up their unique brand of infectious hook-laden rock on this track, and if this anything to go by then the new album is going to be a stormer.

Young by Kyle and The Pity Party
Big blustering dream pop/rock from the Americans. You’ll notice elements of emo and folksy soundscapes. The real pull is Kyle McDonough’s emotive croon. Taken from the band’s latest EP familiar themes of lost love, love found and ambition combine to make a great track.

She Said She Came From The Sea by The Slytones
In a completely different tangent, the new track from psychedelic rock outfit The Slytones deliver up a bluesy sea shanty. It certainly won’t be to everybody’s tastes but variety is the spice of live, right? RIGHT?

Pack Your Shit by Why Everyone Left
Normal service is resumed with the new video from easycore maestros Why Everyone Left. Skilfully mastering a blend of pop-punk and melodic hardcore, Pack Your Shit is a thrilling listen. Think along the lines of Four Year Strong.

Lost In The Dark by Elasea
This may well be your first encounter with Elasea and mark my words they’ll be big. It’s all melodic riffs and huge vocal harmonies. On first listen its mainstream rock fodder, yet with every listen it grows on you. Keep your eyes out for their debut EP due in August.

She’s In Pictures by Man Overboard
We may be cheating slightly with this as we’ve already gushed over their new album today. It’s a brilliant track though and we would’ve been foolish not to give this an airing. Infectious pop-punk doesn’t get any better than this.

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