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Introducing: Colorbred

Let Alt Dialogue introduce you to Colorbred, jazz infused progressive post-hardcore, this is one band you want to get familiar with right now. Their debut EP Synergy, due for release on the 26th July is an enthralling listen and one which marks them out as ones to watch in 2015. The band have members living all over the world (Elijah – California, Rick – Spain, Evan – Louisiana), it’s a unique set up and we caught up with Evana and Elijah to get the lowdown.


You’re based around the world – Spain, Louisiana and California – tell us how you guys met and decided to form a band.

EVAN: It started because of YouTube – we all have YouTube channels where we do covers. Rick (vocalist/guitarist) asked me (Evan – bass) in early March if I wanted to be in a project after seeing a Dance Gavin Dance bass cover I did. I thought the songs he sent me had a ton of potential, so I hit up Elijah (drummer), who had asked me a year ago if I wanted to collaborate (which fell through). He also thought the songs had potential, so we started making plans, getting to know each other, and writing our parts.

ELIJAH: I had been looking for musical opportunities for a while, so when Evan got in touch with me about it and I heard the tracks Rick had written, I definitely wanted to be a part of it. Just recently a friend of mine, Trevor Wolfe, contacted me and asked to be a part of the band as another guitarist. After sending a video of him playing our single “Mistakes” through, we all decided we wanted him in. While he was not a part of anything “Synergy” related, he will definitely be a part of the future writing and recordings.


Your EP Synergy is out on the 26th July. How did you go about the recording process?

EVAN: We all have our own recording gear, so we recorded our own parts separately (after writing them in Guitar Pro) and put our tracks into a shared folder on Dropbox where I then mixed and mastered them.

ELIJAH: It was a very linear process as well, Rick wrote the rhythm and lead guitar, I wrote the drums, Evan wrote the bass, and Rick finished with the vocals. Not much going back and changing or tweaking what we had written, we just wrote our parts and moved on, but we made it work, and it came out great.


Has the distance created any problems?

EVAN: Luckily we live in a world today where overseas communication is feasible! The only problem we have because of distance is that we won’t be able to play shows/tour without spending a lot of money on plane tickets and preparations. But if the demand is high enough in the future, who knows!

ELIJAH: Writing is also a bit different, not necessarily a problem, but different in that writing in real time is much harder, but still possible with Skype and other types video chatting. We also all live in crazy different time zones, with Rick being 8 hours ahead of me, and Evan being ahead 3, which that makes us all getting online to communicate at the same time a little more difficult.


Your style seems to focus around progressive post-hardcore, did you arrive at this sound naturally or were there some pre-defined ideas?

EVAN: It’s natural in the sense that we all enjoy playing and listening to this style, but pre-defined in that we scoped out musicians with the genre in mind.

ELIJAH: I second that.


Musically, what influences went into the EP? Do you have any bands you look to for guidance / inspiration in regards to the set up of the band?

EVAN: The “Blue Swan Records” movement is really inspiring. It’s very much DIY, as we are. Plus we all love the bands on it (Elijah did merch on tour for Hail the Sun back in April) and we feel like we have a similar sound to them. Other than that, we have different tastes, so our sound is just an amalgamation of our personal influences.

ELIJAH: I think for the most part we all definitely have the progressive post-hardcore influences of bands like A Lot Like Birds, Hail the Sun, etc. But beyond that our tastes vary, which is nice as it created a central theme to the parts we wrote while still giving it some variety. Donovan Melero of Hail the Sun is definitely the person I go to for guidance the most, whether it be a question about writing/drumming, or about band things in general, he’s been a huge help and I thank him greatly for it.


What does the future hold for Colorbred?

EVAN: We’re already working on LP 1! It should be out next year sometime. It will also be the first release with our new guitarist Trevor, who is very talented and will add his own flair and creativity to the band!

ELIJAH: Hopefully touring as well! Like Evan said previously, we won’t be able to tour without spending a lot of money, but hopefully with the connections we have and the music we make we’ll get enough people supporting us and that want to see us live to make it happen!


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