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EP Review: Inside My Head by Blood Youth

Reviewer: Matt Dickinson

Coming off the back of Climates collapsing not long after the release of their debut album, Blood Youth are a regrouped  and rethought incarnation – featuring a new vocalist. Taking time to refine and assess their musical style, the band are finally here with their debut EP Inside My Head.

Opening up with ‘Piece By Piece’ things start off fast and loud – setting the tone for how things will be for the rest of the record. There are definitely elements here that show off the melodic ability of the band, which is always a difficult balance to get right but here it’s nicely done – there’s the right kind of blend between fury and sing along vocals.

Next up are the record’s two singles – the first chance people had had a glimpse of the band. ‘Failure’ is another one that kicks off with the intent – a lyrically honest hardcore tune that has the potential to become an anthem in the way that some of the best slices of Bring Me The Horizon or Architects are. ‘Cold Sweat’ starts out brooding and dark – building into an assault on your ears that works well to say the least, yet it still does the melodic side of things and blending it in incredibly well.

‘Dead Space’ like the opener ‘Piece By Piece’ goes more along the hardcore lines, with less emphasis on the melody but plenty of energy and bite to make you pay attention. Inside My Head closes with ‘Big Smoke’ a track that is more melodic, and poses a big chorus that will gain these boys a lot of fans. This song gives them chance to show off the range that they can produce and

For a band that is on its first release, this is a well polished and impressive effort – fair enough it’s out of the ashes of something else, but there’s still been the need for new material and meshing a new vocalist into the mix. One issue may be there’s a lack of variety – but it’s early days and a very promising start.

For me this is a definite 8/10 – ‘Failure’ is probably my standout track
For Fans of: Bring Me The Horizon, Architects, The Amity Affliction

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