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Album Review: Get To Heaven by Everything Everything

Get To Heaven is the third album from Everything Everything. It sees the band progressing and letting their poppier side shine and come to the fore. They’re a band with evolution at their basis, from their complex math-rock debut Man Alive (2010) to the more refined and pop based Arc (2013), Get To Heaven is the best and greatest iteration of Everything Everything.

Get To Heaven is a difficult album to categorize, you have the delightful math-rock of opener ‘To The Blade’, then the curve ball of the pumped up dance beats of single ‘Distant Past’ followed by the pop groove of title track ‘Get To Heaven’. Whatever side of Everything Everything you get, it is glorious – awash in instantaneous pop tones and the falsetto vocal of Jonathan Higgs. The latter has a particularly sumptuous breakdown around the 2 and a half minute mark, the bass groove coupled with the hooks and beat display the vast amounts talent and diversity at the core of Everything Everything.

With an album containing such diversity you’d be forgiven for expecting a couple of dud tracks, yet Get To Heaven just works fantastically. ‘Regret’ has the bluster of a big pop song yet has a great rock guitar solo, the piano groove gives the track a swagger and pop sensibility that makes it nigh on impossible not to fall love with. ‘Spring / Sun / Winter / Dread’ is a complex beast of programmed drumbeats, keyboards and chanted lyrics. The hook is utterly infectious suckering you in before the superbly intricate guitar solo rounds the track out.

Everything Everything have more than just upped it a notch here, although it’s instantly recognisable as the band you feel that this is the album that will propel the band into every household. ‘Fortune 500’ is a huge simmering dance/pop number with intricate guitars lurking just under the surface. There’s something in it for everyone, it’s genre defying and utterly compelling. ‘Blast Doors’ is incendiary; the complex guitars form a base for big grooves which allow the track to explode into an infectious sweeping pop song. ‘Zero Pharaoh’ is a smorgasbord of noodling guitars, beats, bass grooves and falsetto vocals. In theory you’d think it shouldn’t work yet it gels to make for an infectious sound that begs to be put on repeat.

‘No Reptiles’ excels in its relative simplicity. With the focus on Higgs’s vocal for the most part the thumping beats keep things ticking over while individual sounds sweep in and out. There’s a certain magic to vocal, the tones of despair and introspection have a dark humour that raise a smile and give hope. Album closer ‘Warm Healer’ succinctly encapsulates all the tones and textures of the previous ten tracks, unsurprisingly it comes together superbly.

Everything Everything have always defied categorization and Get To Heaven explicates this. A listen that makes you want to smile and love life. Superb.


AD Rating 8.75/10

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