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Interview: Northernmost chat to Alt Dialogue

We caught up with Northernmost’s drummer Tyler to discuss influences, how the band came together, their debut album and the future. Stream their self titled album below.

How has your previous experience in bands (The Refraction and Pathfinder) helped or influenced the sound of Northernmost?
Hmm, well the biggest things I got out of those bands is how to coherently structure a song. Personally, I had honestly never played this style of music before I met Jesse and started working on Pathfinder back in the day.


Tell us a little about how you all came together, and what sets the band out from the crowd?
Well, sort of a long story so I’ll try to keep it short. Jesse and I had been in a band before back in 2012, then when that broke up we both moved on to our other projects. When those broke up, Jesse and I decided we should make music together again. We had this idea of writing an instrumental album. We started with a very streamlined writing process and really liked what we were coming up with. From there, we started asking around and recruited Scott, whom Jesse was friends with from school and Kayla we knew from the MA music scene from bands such as Executions and The Navidson Record. About eight months ago we became good friends with Nate from playing with his pop punk band Southpier and asked him to join our family. I could give a list of reasons but ultimately it’s up to our fans and the listeners to decide what sets us apart from anyone else. You tell us.


Where did the name, Northernmost come from?
Sort of a lame answer, but Jesse was making a list of names that he thought of and we picked it out because it didn’t remind us of anything else we knew.


Your debut album really got to the core of emotionally driven modern day punk and post-hardcore. Was there a preconceived plan to go into the post-hardcore genre or is it something that came naturally?
Honestly, there was absolutely no preconceived notion of what we wanted to sound like. This was the very first time Jesse and I just kinda wrote what came naturally, which is probably why we’ve been able to release a full length, two EP’s and a couple acoustic songs in a little under a year, at what has felt like a very moderate pace, not to mention all the other material we’ve either scrapped or are currently revising. As we’ve continued writing, we’ve become more and more selective, especially for what we have in the works for the near future.


You got a lot of positive press and attention for the album, how did that affect the band?
It was humbling for sure. Considering the fact that we wrote this album without the intention of releasing it, it was baffling how many people connected with it and told us how much it means to them. Our passion for these songs, as well as theirs, has really kept us going and striving to expand on the groundwork our s/t set. We have so many ideas that we can’t wait to show everyone.


What influences did you guys have when writing the album? In the time between then and now, have you gained anymore influences, how has the band changed?
At the time, we were stoked on: Head Swell by Sainthood Reps, If You Leave by Daughter, Baby by Born Without Bones, Son I Loved At Your Darkest by As Cities Burn, End Measured Mile by Make Do and Mend, Young Mountain by This Will Destroy You, Age Of The Fifth Sun by God Is An Astronaut, You Are Connected by Therefore I Am. Just to name a few.

Well, there’s two things we are certain of. We’ve listened to more music since then that has influenced and moved us, and on the other hand we have a better idea of what we don’t want to sound like. Also, we are very lucky to be where we are because, in our opinion, New England in general is exploding with amazing up-and-coming bands, most of whom we are proud to call friends.


What’s next on the schedule for Northernmost?
Thankfully, the satanic leech known as “college” has finally come to an expensive and useless end. This being the case, we are stoked on spending much more time on the road, starting with our summer tour with On Your Marks in July and August. We also have some fun new music in the works for a summer release. Thanks for taking the time to listen to me ramble.

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