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Interview: Citizen chat to Alt Dialogue

With the release of Citizen’s sophomore album Everybody Is Going To Heaven next week (22nd June), we got the chance to catch up with Jake Duhaime from the band. We discussed the progression, influences and future plans. Read the interview below and read our review of the album here.

There’s a distinct progression and growth to your sound on Everybody Is Going To Heaven.  What factors led to this? Was it naturally progression or a concerted effort?

Both, honestly. We wanted to be sure to write the album that we wanted to write. It’s seems like a simple concept, but a lot of bands will choose the safer route and try to recreate the charm of their previous record. With EIGTH, we were driven to create something that challenges both ourselves and fans of “Youth”.

What influences went into the sound behind the album?

Music, art, film, food… Everything served as an influence. The five of us listen to different music- so we are pulling from a very deep pool and trying to tie it together with the band’s own thread. You can pick out sounds from Touch and Go Records, Industrial, and straight radio pop. It’s a pretty intricate venture for us.

The band are scattered across different locations in the US, how did this impact upon the writing and recording process for Everybody Is Going To Heaven? How was it structured, where and when etc?

Not really scattered at all. I live the furthest from Toledo, but only in Metro-Detroit. It’s a little more than an hours drive. That’s not to say that practicing can become a bit of a pain to schedule. The time before recording seemed to go by faster than we would’ve liked. But we had a full month of time in the studio, so there was plenty of room to flesh certain songs out to what they are now.


Do you have any particular favourites on the album?

I really feel like I’m on the same frequency as the song “Ring of Chain”- Writing the song came really natural and led to an incredible closing statement of the record. “Stain” is a great song and sort of grabbed the wheel for the entire project. And Mat’s vocal performance on “Yellow Love”… come on.


Citizen have been a band for around six years now, what’s been your biggest achievement so far?

The biggest achievement, I think, is making this record. If you play some of Citizen’s first material next to “Everybody is Going to Heaven”, it’s a different band made by different people.


What does the future hold for Citizen?

We are in the midst of finding our own voice. This record is a major step forward but we’re not there just yet. We’re going to keep digging.


Catch the band out on the Journey’s Stage on the entire 2015 Vans’ Warped Tour this summer.

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