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Album Review: Exercises In Futility by Where My Bones Rest Easy

Where My Bones Rest Easy release their mini album Exercises In Futility worldwide on the 23rd June. Just 5 tracks long, you get a masterclass in blending emotional post hardcore with reflective shoegaze.

Each track gives you something special; although new ground hasn’t been broken it’s a compelling and enthralling listen. If you’re a fan of Thursday or early Smashing Pumpkins then you’ll love this. ‘Habit Forming’ takes you on an introspective journey before the explosive and impassioned ‘Stutter Sleep’ really gets the blood pumping.

‘Forgotten Skin’ throbs and hums along within an abrasive yet refined structured. The guitars fizz and send shivers down the spine. ‘Snuffbox’ stands out as superb track, yet you can’t help but feel that you’ve heard it all before. That said it’s still a thrilling listen, imagine Thursday with a male/female vocal and touches of Sonic Youth. It’s a great blend to have, yet you want it to be a bit more unique.

‘Slowfade’ is above and beyond the rest in terms of quality and style. It hits you emotionally, making you stop what you’re doing and take notice. Although it may have an early 90s Smashing Pumpkins feel to it, it is the most unique and original track on the album. On the strength of this alone it’s plain that Where My Bones Rest Easy have bags of potential, you just wish the other 4 tracks could be of a similar vein.

AD Rating 6/10

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