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Album Review: Everybody Is Going To Heaven by Citizen

Citizen release their sophomore album Everybody Is Going To Heaven on 22nd June via Run For Cover Records. It marks a progression and growth from their 2013 (2014 UK release) debut Youth. At the time we remarked that Youth treaded ground already paved by contemporaries Title Fight, the same cannot be said for Everybody Is Going To Heaven.

While Title Fight have also progressed in a similar fashion, this time around it feels like Citizen are doing things on their own terms and paving their own way. The band marries melodic moments with heavy outbursts with aplomb. Generally speaking Everybody Is Going To Heaven is more instantaneous and accessible. Opener ‘Cement’ has a delicious groove while Mat Kerekes’ lyrics give the track a confrontational feel. The guitars are awash with feedback and it all comes together wonderfully. ‘Divide Into My Sun’ has a pop feel with its sumptuous melody before the guitars start with a sinister and threatening feel. ‘Numb Yourself’ is more abrasive and chaotic, yet it stands out as being one of the strongest tracks. Big and blustering it’s the ideal example of Citizen taking their punk and hardcore roots and marrying them with a more refined structure and knack for a melody.

Undoubtedly this is Citizen at their best, with the potential that was simmering on Youth shining through. This is a band at their most fully formed and comfortable. The delicate tones of ‘Heavenside’ sit perfectly beside the more discordant and throbbing ‘My Favorite Color’. Again the track comparison shows the growth and talent of Citizen, while the former tugs at your heartstrings the latter, with its simmering punk energy, is an enthralling listen with some superb riffs. Latest single ‘Stain’ is the real standout track of the album. The vocal weaves between hardcore screams and a big rock vocal, similarly the guitars mix atmospheric hardcore with crunching and soaring riffs. It gets the blood pumping at sets Citizen out as a must watch act in 2015.

The menacing edge of ‘Ten’ and the delicate and heartfelt ‘Yellow Love’ make for two phenomenal tracks before you’re treated to one of the finest album closers in the form of ‘Ring Of Chain’. Regular readers will know our passion for final tracks and in ‘Ring Of Chain’ Citizen deliver everything we could ask for. It carries the textures and melodies of the previous nine tracks with a simmering hardcore energy. The track condenses all the confrontational and emotion vigour of the album making for a wonderful climax.

Everybody Is Going To Heaven sees Citizen excel and exceed expectations. They can no longer be considered followers, now scene leaders this should catapult the band onto a wider audience. An essential listen.

AD Rating 8/10

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