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Album Review: Digital Tropics by Mutiny On The Bounty

Luxembourgers Mutiny On The Bounty released their fourth album Digital Tropics at the end of May, and while we may be slightly late to the party don’t let that be an excuse for you to miss out on this slice of math-rock genius.

Digital Tropics was recorded with producer Jan Kerscher in the Ghost City Recording Studios near Nuremberg. Blending conventional math-rock intricate guitar pieces and time signatures, Mutiny On The Bounty add a distinctive electronic element. There are hints of synths, yet for the most part the guitar is just heavily distorted. As the saying goes, it’s all in the name – Digital Tropics is awash in computer-esque riffs, making this feel a completely different beast to the band’s previous output.

In the exploration of the new sound, Mutiny On The Bounty have reached a new level. As is the case with any decent instrumental act, the music must connect with you emotionally; each track on Digital Tropics excels at this. ‘Telekinesis’ and ‘Ice Ice Iceland’ are early highlights reminding you of a slowed down version of Adebisi Shank. The real magic lies in track like ‘Mkl Jksn’ and ‘Strobocop’ where the band blend the glitch computer sounds with more traditional heavy riffs. The former blends these superbly, the heavy riffs lend aggression to the complex notes behind it, while the latter conjures up a post apocalyptic landscape where violent robots are destroying the world. It’s an enthralling listen which never lets go.

It is apparent on Digital Tropics that the band have reached down into the deepest recesses of creativity and created a beast of an album. Sounding unique throughout, Mutiny On The Bounty have stepped out of the scene and produced a superb math rock album that sets them out as leaders. Take ‘Fin de Siacle’ for example, it blends their previous math rock sensibilities with the new found creative zeal and a throbbing bass line. It all comes together in a glorious smorgasbord of sounds. ‘Ballet MCcanique’ takes expansive post-rock elements and throws them together with a Foals-esque groove to deliver a truly awe inspiring track.

Digital Tropics isn’t the easiest of listens. It’s challenging at every corner at right to the end. Final tracks ‘Ecliptic’ and ‘Sonar’ have so much going on in them that it’s almost a relief that the album is over and you can relax. Give it a minute and you’ll be hitting play once again and different nuances come to the fore with each listen.

AD Rating 8/10

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