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Album Review: Four Year Strong by Four Year Strong

After a short hiatus, easycore punks Four Year Strong are back with their new, self titled album. On this, their fourth studio album, Four Year Strong fully commit to the easycore sound, blending pop-punk melodies and catchiness with visceral hardcore punk riffs and attitude. It’s a genre that seems to have become over saturated of late, with pop-punk bands adding that extra edge to give themselves a bigger sound. For the most part it doesn’t really work, yet Four Year Strong have honed the sound and end up as the pinnacle to the scene.

On Four Year Strong you’ll find 11 big hard hitting track full of pop-punk harmonies and hooks that sucker you in, coupled with the hardcore riffs it keeps your attention and makes for a compelling listen.

‘I Hold Myself In Contempt’ eases you in gently, with ‘We All Float Down Here’ giving you the first real glimpse of hard hitting guitars. The breakdown towards the end is glorious. ‘Eating My Words’ is awash in pop-punk style lyrics – it’ll appeal to your inner angst ridden 15 year old. ‘Wipe Yourself Off, Man. You Dead’ and ‘Stolen Credit Card’ shine and standout with their heavier more hardcore leanings, while ‘Gravity’ is an infectious and instantaneous pop-punk romp.

You get the sense that at times the easycore sound is a little contrived. Four Year Strong’s pop-punk side sounds more natural and easy. ‘Who Cares?’ is the perfect example a glorious upbeat song that comes close to a Sum41 style sound. Yet with the addition of the hardcore punk element it’s hard to think of a band that does it better. Take ‘The Sound Of Your Heart’, it’s the track that many of the bands peers have tried to make but never quite got there.

Viewed as an easycore album Four Year Strong is a great album, otherwise it comes in at just above average. An enjoyable listen? Definitely. Long lasting? Perhaps not.

AD Rating 6/10

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