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Album Review: Twin Galaxies by Delta Sleep

Delta Sleep release their new album, Twin Galaxies, on the 15th June via Big Scary Monsters. It sees the band growing and progressing into an emotionally driven Math Rock sound. While the time signatures, intricate guitar riffs and jazz-like grooves are glorious, the guttural vocal of Devin Yuceil adds a texture that sets Delta Sleep out from their peers.

Twin Galaxies is a great listen; you’ll find the melodies joyful and the complex riffs enthralling. With Yuceil’s vocal adding an emotional element it’s an album that lends itself to an access point to math rock. It’s as accessible as the genre can be, the importance of the vocal and lyrical work can’t be underestimated. Take how Yuceil laments on lead single, ‘Like Sprinkle Sprankle’, “Lately I’ve listed the reasons why I can’t move on and why I sleep in the house that we lived in for over three years now. Staring at paintings, recounting the places we’ve been together, I tried to escape but I can’t seem to shake all these pictures of us”.

That’s not to distract from the musicianship on show on Twin Galaxies, naturally it’s the main selling point and even the most discernible math rock aficionado would find it hard not to be impressed by the intricate guitar work on the afore mentioned lead single. That’s not even the high point though; look no further than the glorious ’21 Letters’. The build ups and crescendos are enthralling sending shivers down your spine. While the ambient sounds of ‘Spy Turtles’ shows a maturity and displays the band’s knack for structure and excellent songmanship. Compare back against ‘Spy Dolphin’ and you’ve got one of the finest math rock tracks released this year. The intricate guitar riffs ooze quality and the hook is glorious.

‘Daniel Craig David’ sounds like a poppier version of Axes, while the thumping ‘Hungry For Love’ couples the signature math sound with a groove that begs to me danced along to. Album closer ‘Stongthany’ succinctly sums up the proceeding 9 tracks in 5 tracks, giving you a flavour of everything and a fitting conclusion.

Delta Sleep have delivered a fine album in Twin Galaxies. While the excellent vocal may make it standout from the crowd the real gems come in the form of those glorious guitars.

AD Rating 7.5/10


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