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EP Review: Monster Under The Bed by Montrose

Guest Reviewer: Matt Dickinson

British pop-punk is taking off in quite a big way right now – bands like Neck Deep, Roam and Trash Boat are leading the charge and other bands are starting to come along on this wave – Bath four-piece Montrose are one of them – and are putting out their second EP Monster Under The Bed later this month. This is the follow up to last year’s If Only You Knew.

Opener ‘Underperformer’ kicks off with blistering pace, the kind of riff that makes you pay attention and wouldn’t be out of place on a Four Year Strong record. this is the lead single from the EP and you can see why – it’s a great showcase of what the band can do – punchy, gritty and full of energy. It’s a self deprecating look at singer Jason Bishop’s mistakes and screw ups – a feature I’m sure we all agree works in pop punk.

‘The End Game’ follows on from this, taking the ‘easycore’ style (I’m not fond of that term) and ripping through a fast paced well played anthem – the only issue that I have with this is that unlike four year strong et al, the synths and guitars don’t seem to have enough clarity between them and get lost sometimes – however that shouldn’t detract from the good ideas on show. ‘Walking Contradiction’ is an introspective look at the way people (the singer) can often be contradictory – it’s another well put together slice of pop punk that shows this band can make songs on the heavier end of the spectrum with a British slant.

‘Blush Is a short and fast blast of reflective pop punk that serves as a nice change of direction – and really stands out once it has got going showing a sense of stubborn defiance “I will never change” being key to it. ‘Good Old Days’ has a different sound; it’s more straight up rock ‘n’ roll/ grungey – and it works well for them – it’s nice to see that Montrose haven’t felt the need to be formulaic and are trying different things. ‘Fit For A King’ is the closer of the album – it’s a catchy pop-punk gem that is all about being who you want to be and independent.

Overall I really like this EP, it’s a solid 8/10 for me, I just feel with a little more polish these boys could go on to better things! Stand out tracks for me are ‘Underperformer’ and ‘Blush’ – I suggest you give Monster Under The Bed a listen – maybe four or five until you let it grow on you and realise it’s worth it!

For Fans Of : Neck Deep, Four Year Strong, Trash Boat


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