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EP Review: Love The Taste by Bloodlines

Glasgow four piece Bloodlines have just released their debut EP Love The Taste. It’s a superb assault of impassioned alt rock. Each of the five tracks offer something different with each delivering a solid punch of crunching guitars and pummelling drums.

EP opener ‘I Love The Taste’ blends quieter textured guitars with stunningly visceral guitar riffs that make you stand up and take notice. It’s a brilliant statement of intent that marks Bloodlines as a band you’ve got to keep an eye on.

‘Stop Me’ couples a brilliant groove with spasmodic guitars, when the track explodes you’re treated to a glorious hook and a real hands in the air moment. ‘Polarbear’ has some brilliant intricate guitar work and stands out as the best track on the EP, there’s a Foals quality to the complex guitar parts yet when you match this to the big hook and all out rock moments you know this is something special. ‘We Are Anonymous’ is instantaneous and infectious from the outset. Somehow it manages to blend early Biffy Clyro with some post-rock style atmospherics and a mainstream rock quality. Needless to say it’s a superb track.

EP closer ‘Cathedral’ takes things down a notch with its slow and pounding intro, before the groove kicks in and the track builds and explodes. There’s more of the quiet-loud-quiet approach which works so well for the band and unsurprisingly it’s another excellent track in the band’s arsenal.

Get in on the Bloodlines action now. They’re going to be huge.

AD Rating 8.5/10

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