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Album Review: Connector by I The Mighty

San Francisco’s I the Mighty will release their new album Connector via LAB Records / Equal Vision next week. It’s a great alt-rock album with emo undercurrents and laced with Coheed and Cambria style vocals and big hooks.

Vocalist Brent Walsh talking about the band’s writing process, “We never sat down and had the talk about, ‘What type of record do we want to make? What direction do we want to take this band?’ To be honest, we never have. We simply wrote a bunch of songs, picked our favourites and made the record we wanted to make.” That ethos is apparent throughout Connector. It sounds natural, a band coming into the fore and doing exactly what they want.

Opener ‘An Epilogue as a Prologue’ is atmospheric, while ‘Lady Of Death’ is a real statement of intent and sets the scene for the rest of the album. Throughout Connector the big guitars and high vocal standout, cumulating in an impressive and enthralling sound. It’s plainly obvious that I the Mighty have come a long way since 2013’s Satori, this is on another level and marks them out as a band that have pushed the boundaries and honed their sound to perfection.

‘The Lying Eyes Of Miss Erray’ is awash in a Coheed and Cambria sound, yet comes in just the right side of sounding different enough to be fresh and invigorating. ‘Psychomachia’ has a big stadium / mainstream rock sound, whilst it’s impressive it’s just a little too Kerrang! reader friendly. I the Mighty come into their own on heavier tracks like ‘Adrift’ and ‘The Hound and Fox’. Both are thrilling listens, the tinges of metalcore on the former gives an edge that you’d imagine would sound fantastic live. The latter has hints of My Chemical Romance which adds a level of accessibility that will surely push them into the mainstream.

‘Slow Dancing Forever’ and ‘Friends’ are the highlights of the more mainstream friendly tracks; the latter is particularly notable for its light and joyful energy. While ‘Playing Catch With .22’ and album closer ‘The Frame I Betrayal in the Watchtower’ are both of a high calibre you feel the rest of the album is filler.

Connector is a good album; you can’t get away from the fact that the band have progressed and have an excellent sound yet the more mainstream and commercial elements may leave you feeling a little numb. You may end up feeling a little conflicted like me.

AD Rating 6.75/10

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