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Live Review: Funeral For A Friend – The Duchess York, 15/05/15

Guest Reviewer: Matt Dickinson

Funeral For A Friend have been a favourite band of mine for around ten years. They were the first ’emo’ band that I got into, and probably one of the main reasons why I like the kind of music I do today. Casually Dressed and Deep In Conversation and Hours being the soundtracks of my late teens. The Duchess in York is a pretty decent venue – the kind of grimey underground venue that matches well with the music.

Local bands Us Amongst the Rest and On the Ropes opened up precedings – however it was a Friday night and nice enough for some pre gig beers so we didn’t manage to get down in time to catch them – by all accounts they were good value and put on a decent show – they’ve got a hot reputation locally.

The main event was of course Funeral For A Friend, currently in the process of touring for this year’s album Chapter and Verse – an album that sees the band take on a more hardcore approach (and an absolute beast of an album at that).

Opening up with ‘Pencil Pusher’ from Chapter and Verse, the intent from the band was clear – they were going to go hard. trying to appeal to a diverse crowd when your first record came out 12 years ago must be quite hard, yet FFAF seem to pull off with ease. Combining tunes from Chapter and Verse with songs from Casually Dressed and Deep In Conversation and Hours without losing the crowd or momentum is an impressive feat.

All the favourites were here of course ‘Juneau’ ‘Streetcar’ ‘Roses For The Dead’ ‘Escape Artists Never Die’ – as well as some of the new material from Conduit and  Chapter and Verse. ‘High Castles’ and ‘The Distance’ and ‘1%’ and ‘The Jade Tree Years Were My Best’ all sound brilliant live, and they fit in well with the more melodic anthems that you expect from a FFAF set.

The highpoint for me was probably ‘History’ as it often is with FFAF however it’s hard to pick fault with a band as professional and dedicated to what they do, they always put on a great show.

FFAF have always been up there in my top bands, this was a cracking 9/10 performance from the boys – all I’d say was that maybe chopping and changing the setlist a bit wouldn’t go amiss, as this was the same as the one from when I saw them in February in Leeds.


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