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Introducing: Silent Party

Silent Party are native Londoners, which in itself is a near oxymoron like the band’s music, an ode to the shrill beeps, tights spaces, strong odours and Babylonian dialects of their city, best made sense of on empty night buses on long rides across the urban sprawl of their home. It’s a delicate sonic onslaught backed up with a raw pop ambition. A party of bandits traveling in silence, dedicated to wooing your senses.

Silent Party formed in 2013 by Chris and Mike out of group of artists, movie makers and drama students dotted around East and South London. Unable to find a scene with which they felt kinship or agree on a band in whose footsteps they should follow, their debut EP titled “Fair Winds and Following Seas” subtly references Arcade Fire, The National, Foals, Spiritualized, Wild Beasts, Deerhunter and Grizzly Bear, to give you an idea of where you have arrived.

Founding member Chris (guitar) started playing in bands on the Bromley / Croydon scene and studied music at ACM in Guildford and Liverpool University. Landing a marketing job at Universal offered a view into and from within the belly of the corporate music beast. Chris’ founding partner Mike (vocals), on the other hand, is related to former Goon Harry Secombe and has performed on bills with Phil Jupitus and Tim Vine. With two Masters degrees in drama and acting, Mike’s letters are officially MDMA.

Stream the phenomenal ‘Taxidermist’ below.

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