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EP Review: Parasites by The Decoy

Welsh hard rock trio The Decoy release their new EP Parasites on the 25th May. It’s a blistering four track EP full of funky melodic basslines, thumping riffs, a huge amount of noise and above all, fun.

The Decoy are a band that wear their influences on their sleeves. There’s a heavy dose of Rueben in the their sound – the big heavy riffs are akin to Rueben’s earlier as are the lead vocal style and lyrical content. There’s a smattering of early Biffy Clyro in there too and rather surprisingly you’ll hear a The Police style reggae-lite groove throughout.

EP opener ‘Andyouism’ is a cracking heaving rock song. The sound is wrapped up in that 00s English rock sound, while ‘Moustache Cash Dash’ is another prime slice of hard hitting rock – lyrically you could draw comparisons to Million Dead when Frank Turner took a swipe at pop culture and everyday life.

‘Parasite’ is full of vitriolic noise and aggressive lyrics, a thoroughly thrilling listen. ‘Vultures’ sounds like it been lifted straight from the heavy pop rock template of Reuben, yet it comes out as the best track of the EP.

As a early statement of intent Parasites should mark The Decoy as ones to watch in the future. With some refinement and honing of a distinct sound, The Decoy could be huge.

AD Rating 6.5/10

The Decoy

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