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EP Review: No Illusions by Quiet Lions

Guest Reviewer: Matt Dickinson

Quiet Lions are a Brighton/London based four piece – No Illusions is the follow up to last year’s debut Surroundings. they mix big choruses with powerful melodies and complex rhythms – focusing on downfalls of a personal nature lyrically.

Opener ‘Shallows’ starts out slowly and with the focus mainly being on frontman Michael Williams vocals – this slowly but surely breaks out into something altogether bigger and then begins to show off the complex rhythms that the band can pull off and have been honing. ‘Shallows’ has a big chorus that sounds like it would fit in somewhere with We Are The Ocean or Lonely The Brave and breaks out into some well layered harmonies towards the end making it sound like a big tune.

Single ‘Wolves of The Capital’ is a catchy song that takes what ‘Shallows’ gave you and builds on it – it’s bigger and it’s more catchy – clear to see why they made this their single, fits in well with a sunny day. ‘Troubles’ starts out in a more low key mellow fashion, yet begins to build up nicely with intricate guitar work, and some nice drumming keeping the pace well. One thing that’s evident is that Michael Williams is the star of the show throughout.

‘Honesty Breathes’ takes a different direction, it sounds more funky with the drumming and guitar having a different tone, and there being numerous layers to the sound. Musically the band is extremely polished, but you feel a little like this is overshadowed. Closer ‘The Hive’ is another slow burner at the outset and works well with some intricate guitar before finally breaking out into a more rocky affair. As a closer it works well as a summary of the band’s talents.

No Illusions is a solid EP – technically the band have put a good effort together – however for me this is a little bit too samey – which may prove to be a downfall in the long term. 7/10


For fans of: Lonely The Brave, Mallory Knox, We Are The Ocean

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