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Album Review: I Feel Weird by Great Cynics

English punk rock trio Great Cynics have released their third album, I Feel Weird – it’s the perfect blend of pop hooks and punk sensibilities. Instantaneous and infectious from the outset, you’ll find I Feel Weird to be an enthralling listen.

The pop simplicity of the record is apparent throughout, there’s no airs and graces just straight forward enjoyable punk rock. ‘Want You Around (Chunky)’ and ‘I Went Swimming’ are early highlights with Giles Bidder’s great vocal painting you a picture of where he is in life. Conversely the vocals of Iona Cairns also work perfectly on the gem of a track ‘North Street’. The guitars are light and airy while Cairn’s takes what seems like a tongue in cheek swipe at people her own age.

The male / female vocal is one of major draws to Great Cynics; it provides different textures and suckers you in. While there may be more a punk snarl to ‘From The Creators Of Love Actually’ there’s still pop hooks there in abundance, proving that the band can add spice to their sound yet keeping it immediate and delightfully infectious. ‘Complicated’ is another pop gem, Bidder sings of frustration yet it comes out upbeat and you cannot help but to sing along.

As I Feel Weird progresses the pop hooks engrain themselves and you’ll be grinning from ear to ear. Throw caution to the wind and give in to the urge to throw yourself around to the room to ‘Everyone’s A Little Weird’, channel the simmering punk energy of ‘Lost In You’ and let the gloriously infectious guitars wash over you.

‘Kind Of Like’ is awash in punk guitars before ‘Tread Lightly’ and album closer ‘By The Seas’ go into jangly indie-punk territory. While both are songs of the highest calibre, it’s when Great Cynics channel their inner punk attitude and couple it with catchy hooks that they really excel. ‘I Know Nothing’ is a fine example and stands out as the best track on I Feel Weird.

With I Feel Weird, Great Cynics have written the ideal accompaniment to the life of any twenty something. Relatable and thoroughly enjoyable throughout Great Cynics have pushed the boat out and delivered a great album.

AD Rating 7.5/10

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