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Album Review: Get Lost, Find Yourself by Chunk! No, Captain Chunk

Bi-polar pop-punk / metalcore act Chunk! No, Captain Chunk have released their new album Get Lost, Find Yourself. If you’re unfamiliar with the French band then you are missing out on something unique. They have the inimitable knack of combining sumptuous pop-punk with hardcore metal breakdowns and outbursts. On paper it shouldn’t work, but as Chunk! No, Captain Chunk proved on previous releases the sounds combine into something thrilling and captivating.

On Get Lost, Find Yourself the band refine their sound. It’s a lot more polished 2013’s Pardon My French and for major points concentrates on the pop-punk side of things. Essentially you have 10 tracks of pure pop-punk with metal breakdowns interspersed throughout, it has to be stressed that when it’s pop-punk it couldn’t be any more pop-punk. With that, the metal breakdowns are essential – an album of this generic pop-punk would be bland without it. ‘Twist The Life’ flounders until the metalcore riffs and vocals come into play. It’s not the only track to be saved by the change in sound – ‘What Goes Around’ for the most part sounds like a Blink-182 parody and ‘Get Lost Find Yourself’ seems to be directed towards a thirteen year old girl who is just about to dabble in pop-punk.

Conversely, some of the songs work wonderfully well. ‘Playing Dead’ and ‘The Other Line’ get the blend absolutely spot-on creating a enthralling sound that makes you want to throw yourself around and smash things. The harder edged ‘Pull You Under’ is superb while ‘Worst Case Scenario’ is a superb pop-punk song – hell I haven’t heard a better song of its ilk this year. ‘Set it Straight’ while also a formidable track, there’s touches of it that just seem a bit too Kerrang! Friendly.

Chunk! No, Captain Chunk have treaded water with Get Lost, Find Yourself. It’s a good record, yet it seems like some of the magic of Pardon My French has been lost in favour of better production and more appeal. Still, it’s a sound that needs to be heard to be believed.

AD Rating 6.5/10

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