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Album Review: Heirlooms by Calls Landing

Gust Reviewer: Matt Dickinson

Calls Landing are talented four piece from Leeds (I’m sure I saw them at one of their first ever gigs (Pinky Swear half dayer?)) and have developed a lot as a band having the chance to support a number of great bands and being prominent on the Leeds scene. Heirlooms is the debut full length from the band, a mix of styles that gives them their own unique sound.

Opener ‘Crutch’ has a swagger about it’s opening riff that sounds like it’d fit in on the Frank Carter and The Rattlesnakes EP, it’s a pop punk gem in fairness, and Jose Armitage’s voice works well with the music, and goes from poppy to gruff and back again with no trouble at all. ‘Tightrope’ is a song that sounds poppy and upbeat yet is all about the way in which people handle anxiety. ‘Golden’ slows things down, though with some nice guitar work manages to sound pretty big it’s the kind of song that sounds like it’s taken influences from Jimmy Eat World and early emo.

‘Gravity’ picks up the pace with an antagonistic intro riff before leading into some bouncy pop punk. ‘Patrick’ is a slice of angsty emo, with Armitage getting chance to really showcase his ability over the top of a solitary guitar. This appeals to me the most as it’s raw and it’s powerful, it’s a real highlight of the record.

The pace changes when it comes to ‘Belgium’ with big choruses, fast drumming and tight guitars, it’s the kind of thing that you need to change things up after a big song like ‘Patrick’. ‘Sorry About The Weather’ is a sombre yet uplifting song, that shows off the more melodic and soft side of the band. ‘Pretty World’ is a fast paced hard hitting song that is definitely a highpoint from the album, it shows off the punchy punky side this band has and does well.

‘Bookshelf’ is a slower track than the previous one, but it still has the elements catchy pop punky style these boys do well. ‘Ursa Minor’ is a gentle slow burner that nicely leads into the big dramatic closer that is ‘Ursa Major’ that shows off the musical and vocal ability this band possesses.

Heirlooms gets an 8/10 from me. It’s an open and honest album that has a style of its own and shows off the things this promising foursome can do. ‘Patrick’ is the highlight of the record for me.

For fans of: Neck Deep, Maycomb, Roam

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