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EP Review: LTKLTL by Dialects

Instrument post/math rock hybrid Dialects release their debut EP LTKLTL on 11th May. It’s got the feel of a mini-album more than an EP, while EPs normally give you brief insight into the band, LTKLTL has the flow and all encompassing feel of an album. You’ll feel yourself getting enthralled and it leaves a lasting impressions.

Comparisons to Dialects is easy and doesn’t require much thought – their sound is lifted straight from a And So I Watch You From Afar, Brontide , Maybeshewill template. Return readers will know we think that’s no bad thing at all. While new ground may not be broken, Dialects execute their sound with aplomb.

‘Restless Earth’ and ‘Unknown Orbit’ have a heavy feeling. Big shuddering riffs do all the talking while intricate guitar parts sucker you in and keep you enthralled. ‘Good Luck Felix’ takes a more traditional post-rock approach. It conjures up sonic landscapes that waver close to lullabies.

‘Let The Kids’ is the EP highlight, the opening churning riffs give way to an expansive and enthralling sound that can’t but help fall in love with. The guitar parts are complex and do the job of connecting with the listener far better than lyrics ever could. ‘Spectacular Supernovae’ creates a sound that is worthy of the title and again gives the listener a detailed post-rock masterpiece.

With LTKLTL Dialects have set themselves out to be one post-rock band that you have watch out far. This band is going to go far, a superb debut EP.

AD Rating 8/10


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