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EP Review: Fighting Gravity by Landmarks

Guest Reviewer: Matt Dickinson

Fighting Gravity (Ship Records, produced by Matt Heap) is the follow up to Manchester pop punk outfit Landmarks’ debut EP running on empty – which first brought them to my attention as being a bit of a gem. Landmarks have shared a stage with bands like Such Gold, Neck Deep and Me Vs Hero to name a few and their debut got them touring Europe and the UK with fellow pop punks Boston Manor. With a change up in line up and duties since their previous release can the band pull off another gem?

Fighting Gravity kicks off with lead single ’40 mg’ which lulls you in slowly and softly before exploding out into a lively slice of pop punk that stands it’s own against any of the bands contemporaries on the UK scene right now. Whilst musically it’s upbeat dealing with anxiety lyrically can be tough, yet it’s done in a way that works, like all good pop punk which intertwines upbeat melodies with less upbeat lyrics. ’40 mg’ is one of the best new songs I’ve come across this year to date!

‘Comfort In These Chords’ carries on from this, with some classic pop punk style riffs (and who isn’t a fan of the notion that music is a comfort). this track is snappy and to the point, I’m a particular fan of the ending with “I’ll never have a chance to set things right, this is another song about my life” being standout lyrics – something which is a key selling point for me in a pop punk band.

Third track ‘Worse For Wear’ has an impressive driving sound to it, while also having catchy lyrics “you don’t seem to care, I’m worse for wear” this wouldn’t be out of place on a Roam or Neck Deep record, although for me it ends a little too abruptly – it’s good to want more though right?

‘Bones’ takes a more stripped down approach to things, slowing the pace of the record a little, but not to the detriment of it, as it shows off the band has more strings to their bow than full bore pop punk. ‘Catapults’ closes out the record and again takes a different approach, starting out slowly and more subduedly but then driving guitars come in – allowing the band to show off that they can play with different styles and sounds and make it work; lyrics like “you always have your way, and that’s the way it goes” and “my mind is an ocean and I’m lost at sea, you always seem to get the best of me” are the kind of thing that appeal to me and this is a great way to close out the album

For me Fighting Gravity showcases a young developing band that are on course for better things. Stand out tracks for me are ’40 mg’ which is run close by ‘Bones’ because I love a stripped back song to change the pace.

This is a definite 9/10 – go give Landmarks a listen!

For Fans Of: Neck Deep, Roam, Transit

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