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Album Review: This Is Our Nowhere by The Lovely Eggs

DIY punk pair The Lovely Eggs release their new album This Is Our Nowhere on the 4th May. With songs firmly set in the hum drum of everyday life, The Lovely Eggs turn normality on its head, squeezing it through their peculiar surreal mincing machine and blending it with fuzzed out guitar and crashing drums.

It’s gloriously infectious and you’ll be hard pushed not to be grinning from ear to ear by the end. Granted there will be moments that make you raise an eyebrow and skip forward, yet overall it is a thoroughly enjoyable record. Imagine Lemuria with a tongue in cheek and a DIY ethic.

This Is Our Nowhere gets off on a glorious high with ‘Ordinary People Unite’. Instantaneous and commanding you’ll find this to be the strongest and most captivating track. It sticks two fingers up to the normal and you’ll be hard pushed to not be singing along. ‘Goofing Around’, ‘Do It To Me’ and ‘The Investment’ are all top notch tracks. Hollie’s vocal is enthralling and hits all the right notes. Each track simmers with punk energy, sporadically exploding and suckering you in.

Unfortunately there are a couple of tracks that have an initial charm that wears off after a couple of listens. At first you’ll find ‘Slinking of The Strange’ to be a sweet tongue in cheek ditty, three listens later and it’ll feel more like filler. Conversely The Lovely Eggs can do tongue in cheek superbly with ‘I Nearly Saw A Stabbing Last Night’. You’ll big grinning and throwing yourself around the room. This Is Our Nowhere rounds off on a high with ‘Cilla’s Teeth’ coming in sounding somewhere between Hole and Elastica. It compounds the feel good undercurrent and broadens your already beaming grin.

The Lovely Eggs have produced an album that has some real high points, taking a swipe at modern life has never seemed as much fun.

AD Rating 7/10

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