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Album Review: Understanding and Everything Else by WOAHNOWS

Plymouth indie-punk trio WOAHNOWS release their debut album, Understanding and Everything Else on 4th May. It’s 11 short sharp blasts of joyous visceral fun; imagine a refined Dananananakroyd with elements of Tubelord and Cloud Nothings.

The underlying feeling from Understanding and Everything Else is uplifting and life affirming, it’s a record that is the ideal accompaniment to the summer months. From opener ‘Sounds Like Spitting’ to closer ‘Breathing Games’ you’ll barely have time to catch your breath, yet you’ll be left grinning from ear to ear.

The churning riff of ‘Life In Reverse’ gets the blood pumping and feet tapping. Its reckless abandon feeds through to ‘Puncher’. While the latter may take the tempo down a notch it has the attitude of sticking two fingers up to the normal. Like the rest of Understanding and Everything Else it’s full of pop hooks that are instantaneous and infectious.

‘Machono’ and ‘Watching Accidents’ have jangly indie charm – the kind of track you imagine soundtracking The Inbetweeners. ‘Livid / Rise’ has a more abrasive edge that makes it standout as one of the strongest tracks. You can’t help but put your arms in the air, sing along and throw yourself around the room. It’s sure to become a live favourite.

‘Here and Now’ and ‘Manicomio’ have the air of late 00’s rock, with the latter being particularly strong. ‘No Such Thing’ is by far the strongest track of Understanding and Everything Else. The riffs still have the spikey reckless attitude, yet there’s something a little more refined and polished about them. It’s the most conventional rock song on the album and as such it’s the most accessible.

With Understanding and Everything Else, WOAHNOWS have cemented their sound into a refined spikey indie punk template that works brilliantly. It’s hard to find fault with this album and you’d fully expect WOAHNOWS to go from strength to strength.

AD Rating 7.5/10

1 Comment on Album Review: Understanding and Everything Else by WOAHNOWS

  1. “Watching Accidents” is pretty fun, but they come off as pretty one-dimensional. The singer reminds me of another one that I can’t place my finger on. They better have some great hooks to compensate for that sound.

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