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EP Review: To Love Again by Bowhunter

Guest Reviewer: Matt Dickinson

Coming from the ashes of The JCQ and their split in 2014, Jack Saunders recruited friends Edward Li (guitar), Nick Corney (drums) (from Bossk) and brother Chris Corney (bass)  to form Bowhunter – a chance to explore the more melodic, less chaotic side of his abilities. Their goal was to create a sound that was refined and built on the hook laden past and refine it and tie it with melody for a unique band of powerpop – the first glimpse of which is EP To Love Again.

Opener ‘It’s Not Over’ starts out with some studio chatter before breaking out into something that sounds reminiscent of the catchy melodies that made me a big fan of early You Me At Six or maybe even musically a little like The Format. Even after reading the press summary I wasn’t sure what to expect, but this is definitely a good way to start and get my attention. Big choruses, upbeat melodies and a summery sound are all positives in my eyes.

‘Count To Ten’ carries on along these lines, with more catchy riffs that are sure to appeal to those of a pop punk persuasion. Maybe this style isn’t the best for Saunder’s vocals, as they are potentially a weak spot as sometimes they get a little lost, but this a new band and there’s still time to develop.

Third track ‘Escapes’ sounds a little darker, a little more serious, and is laden with heavier drums and chanted vocals throughout, sounding more like a pop punk record and giving Saunders a bit more chance to show off his vocal range. For me this is the standout track on the EP. Closer ‘Where We Go’ returns to a poppier sound and is a more upbeat track, with melodic riffs and a bigger chorus than the rest of To Love Again.

If you’re after something that sounds like The JCQ or Bossk, this isn’t the EP for you but if you’re into something that is summery, upbeat and catchy then I suggest you give this a go!

To Love Again is a 7/10 for me, with some stronger vocals maybe it’d be more!

For Fans Of: You Me At Six; Blitz Kids; Decade

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