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EP Review: Kill/Let Die by Temple

Guest Reviewer: Matt Dickinson

Temple (Texas Is Funny) will shortly be releasing their new 7″ ep Kill/Let Die. Hailing from Milwaukee, WI four piece Temple have created a release that sums up the spectrum of the emo genre. This is the follow up to their 2013 release The Conscience of The King.
Opener ‘Like Nothing In This Life’ starts out in a tangle of feedback before kicking into an opening that wouldn’t be out of place on an At The Drive-In album. This is a technical almost mathcore way to kick things off with plenty of changes of tempo and style. I’ll admit it’s not something that jumps out as an instant classic but with a few spins it’s a definite grower. The way the music and the vocals interlink is a credit to the band, it sounds grungey and old school emo, but not in a cliched way.

Then we get to the second track ‘Massive Star’ – this sounds more like a Thursday song or early Jimmy Eat World. That’s not to say that Temple have picked up the summer vibes of pop punk, but it certainly has a more upbeat style even if the lyrics are less than positive. It adds a nice counterbalance to the harder opener.
In two songs Temple manage to cover a whole mass of ground – and the impressive thing is they do it without difficulty. If this is the scope of two tracks on an EP then I look forward to giving their full length debut a visit. If emo is your thing then you’d certainly be worth checking this EP out.
Kill/Let Die is somewhat of a grower for me, I’m giving it a solid 8/10 and hope to hear more from temple soon!

For Fans Of: At The Drive In, Thursday, Anberlin


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