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EP Review: Fragments by Of Allies

Guest Reviewer: Matt Dickinson

Of Allies are a four piece rock outfit from East Yorkshire consisting of Rich Nichols on vocals, Tom Hewson on guitar and vocals, Nick Tyldsley on bass and Danny Barrick on drums. The band have gained attention from Kerrang, Huw Stephens and BBC introducing. A relentless appetite for gigging and writing new material has resulted in Fragments the follow up to their 2014 debut. The band clearly has influences in bands such as Deftones, Deaf Havana, Incubus and Twin Atlantic.

Opener ‘Fragments’ the EP’s title track hits you immediately. There’s no slow burn here, it kicks off with a powerful driving riff, before slowing itself down into well crafted melodic rock that showcases the softer side of Rich Nichol’s vocals, and then explodes into a big Incubus style chorus.

‘ONE19’ is the lead single from the EP, and musically it sounds not far off old school Deaf Havana (and I can definitely hear hints of ‘Burn, Burn’ by Lostprophets in that intro, although vocal work is far cleaner and more anthemic – which works well in this situation. ‘ONE19’ is the perfect summary of this band, it shows off their musical skill and their ability to pen a big tune – keep putting tracks like this out and they’ll be set for big things.

‘Old Bones’ starts off with an awesome unrelenting riff that certainly has swagger about it, before the pace slows the song is built on catchy hooks, and big vocals, when it bursts into the chorus you can see this band on stage with the likes of Deaf Havana or We Are The Ocean. ‘Tempers’ is a fast paced darker sounding track, that again showcases the band’s ability to sound huge. This is possibly the standout track for me, it has a menacing sound to it that works really well. Closer ‘Call It Home’ wouldn’t be out of place on a Fightstar record, it’s layered and melodic with a lot of intricate skills on show and a final showcase for those anthemic choruses that Of Allies do well

Fragments is something this band can be proud of, if they carry on in this direction and hone their craft they’ll do well.

For me this is an 8.5/10 musically and lyrically it works really well and it leaves you keen to hear more

For Fans Of: Young Guns, Mallory Knox, Lower Than Atlantis


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