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Album Review: Isotopes by Quadrilles

London math-pop band Quadrilles release their debut album Isotopes on the 27th April. The album combines the best bits of math-rock with a knack for catchy hooks and sweet melodies that are both uplifting and life affirming.

While Isotopes may not be a particularly long album it is compulsive listening. The hooks sucker you in, leaving you begging for more. A thoroughly enjoyable album, you’ll find it a challenge not to have this on repeat.

Opener ‘Tightropes’ has an air of Infinity Land or Vertigo Of Bliss era Biffy Clyro about it. It’s incredibly enthralling with the guitar work key to its immediacy. ‘March of The Clowns’ is the epitome of a well crafted math-rock song blended with pop hooks. The harmonies will draw you in and engrain themselves in your very core.

‘Whales’ and ‘Into Ludes’ both showcase the real quality in the musicianship of Quadrilles. Both have a slower tempo with the former being a vehicle to display some luscious bass grooves and sweeping guitars that conjure up a post-rock style landscape. The intricate guitar parts are wrought with emotion, sending a shiver down the spine. The latter has a poppier feel and is the more beautiful and fragile of the two. The duelling complex guitar parts almost create a lullaby, hell if you aren’t moved in some way by ‘Into Ludes’ then you’re made of stone.

‘Shirtsleeves’ takes us back to the snappy math-pop of the first two tracks and it’s every bit as enthralling and magical. The groove will get your feet tapping and body moving, again the intricate guitar work is remarkable and the vocals are infectious. ‘Mum! ….Finished’ not only has a great title it is also one of the finest tracks on Isotopes. As per all great album closers it collects all the sounds and textures of the album into one track – genuinely superb stuff.

With Isotopes, Quadrilles will surely establish themselves as one of the UK’s finest math-rock bands. It is an album that goes beyond the boundaries of math-rock, becoming a bigger and more refined beast – something that will make them more accessible to a wider audience.

AD Rating 8.5/10

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