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Album Review: II by METZ

On May 4th, Toronto’s Metz return with II, the follow-up to their acclaimed self-titled debut album, via the legendary Sub Pop Records. It is storming record full of scuzzy punk energy and grungey riffs.

II sees vocalist/guitarist Alex Edkins looking outward far more than he ever did the first time around, viewing it as a “relationship” album. That’s not meant in the romantic sense. Rather, the ten tracks here focus in on our everyday relationships with the media, consumerism, politics, acquaintances, dreams, medication, anxieties, and – ultimately – death.

There’s a real snarl to opener ‘Acetate’ and ‘Spit You Out’, with the later having a visceral guitar riff that sends shivers down the spine, the discordant finish to the track would make Kurt Cobain proud. Each track is a snappy grunge laden assessment of modern day life, relatable and instantaneous you’ll find II to be a thrilling listen.

The thunderous ‘IOU’ gets the blood pumping before the defiant ‘Landfill’ cranks up the grunge levels and pummels you to within an inch of your life. II isn’t for the faint hearted, it isn’t an easy listen and many will find the cacophony of guitars jarring. If untamed punk with a grunge undercurrent is your thing though you’ll love it.

‘Nervous System’ is full of reckless abandon that makes you want to throw yourself around the room and forget everyday life. ‘Wait In Line’ has the kind of deep grunge riffs that will transport you back to the early 90s before ‘Eyes Peeled’ turns up the punk dial and brings the sound more up to date.

II is a thoroughly exhilarating listen, it sees Metz compounding upon their debut and carving out a niche of discordant grunge in which they excel.

AD Rating 7/10

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