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Album Review: Underdog Underfoot by Flies Are Spies From Hell

Instrumental post-rock band Flies Are Spies From Hell released their second full length album Underdog Underfoot at the beginning of April. What you’ll find is a distinctive brand of post-rock – piano led and uplifting with emotive intricacies coupled with huge crescendos and crushing climaxes.

A comparison with Maybeshewill would be easy and sum what lazy. Flies Are Spies From Hell have taken the template and expanded upon it. The intricate guitars conjure some ridiculously emotive moments. Take second track ‘Slow Heat Death’ as an example. The guitar parts speak a thousand words, seeping into your core before the piano climax kicks in a really hammers home the emotion.

There isn’t a weak song on Underdog Underfoot. It’s an exhilarating listen right from the open bars of ‘Imagine Your Murder’ through to the phenomenal title track and album closer. This is eight prime cuts of post-rock that you’ll never tire of. ‘Fail Better’ couldn’t succeed anymore. From the thunderous opening, through the quieter introspective mid-section to the thumping, piano led climax it will take you on a rollercoaster of a journey. Conjuring up nearly every emotion through the sumptuous guitar riffs and piano you can’t help but think you’re witnessing something special with Underdog Underfoot.

There’s a beautiful bass line within ‘Hammer Without Hand’ that oozes class and gives the album another texture. ‘Beg For Sleep’ has some of the best post-rock guitar work committed to record in recent times. The riffs sound massive and all encompassing;, before the track deconstructs into a wonderfully quiet and delicate piano number. The thumping drums gradually come in alongside the bass and you know you’re in for yet another wonderful climax. It’s just one of the many times the album will leave you speechless.

Album closer ‘Underdog Underfoot’ is simply stunning. Thrillingly beautiful, it will tug at your heartstrings and leave you asking if you can believe your ears. It’s a track which sums up Flies Are Spies From Hell and the album in 5 superb minutes. You’ll be hard pushed to hear a better post-rock album this year, phenomenal stuff.

AD Rating 9.5/10

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