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Album Review: Two Hands by Turbowolf

Bristolian alt-rock band Turbowolf have released their second album Two Hands. After the critical acclaim received from their 2011 self-titled debut, big things were expected of Turbowolf with this release. The band have unequivocally lived up to the expectation and delivered a formidable album that surpasses their debut.

Turbowolf excel in producing an album that is immediate and easy on the ear. It feels like the shackles have been thrown off and they are band simply doing what they love. The quiet lead in to ‘Invisible Hand’ before it’s explosion into a blistering and commanding track is a prime example. Vocalist Chris Georgiadis sings of biting the hand that feeds – a stance against what expected, they’ll do what they want.

‘Rabbits Foot’ has a swagger and groove that is both infectious and compelling. The huge dirty riffs give weight to an already crunching track. The swagger and groove is an underlying current throughout Two Hands, it’s an album for the hard rock enthusiast. Lead single (released last year) ‘Solid Gold’ is a big rock song with unbridled riffs and a stomping groove that makes you think of a modern day version of Led Zeppelin.

‘American Mirrors’ has an opening riff that is reminiscent of White Zombie at their most accessible. The hook again is infectious and gives way to a sense of abandon that compels you to dance and sing along. The bluesy riffs of ‘Nine Lives’ compound the sense that this is a party album, ideal for drinking to with friends.

‘Good Hands’ has the instantaneous swagger of a brilliant pop-rock track. You can imagine this would be a live favourite – think cKy or The Bloodhound Gang coming on in a nightclub and the chaos that ensues. It’s at moments like on ‘Good Hands’ and ‘Twelve Houses’ you can get really excited about Turbowolf. The quiet-loud-quiet-loud approach of the latter gets the blood pumping and is perhaps the finest track on Two Hands.

The heavy chaos of ‘Rich Gift’ and Neil Young like guitar work of ‘Pale Horse’ round off Two Hands in great style. Two Hands is a fine example of a band growing and progressing. This is Turbowolf at their very best.

AD Rating 8.5/10

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