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Album Review: Figure It Out by Bleed American

Guest Reviewer: Matt Dickinson

Bleed American are a  four-piece pop punk band from Winnipeg, and have just released their first full length in the shape of Figure It Out – the follow up to last year’s debut EP. This might be a band coming from the freezing depths of Winnipeg but the record itself screams of a longing for summer and musically and in terms of the album art – you can tell that’s the picture that they want to paint. As you can imagine from the band’s name, there are definitely Jimmy Eat World influences here, but it’s the kind of album that isn’t a pigeon holed generic album, it takes elements of the bands you love and Bleed American make it their own.

Opening with an intro track in the form of ‘Sip’ Figure It Out kicks off properly with ‘Did I Look Okay Back There?’ – a catchy emo tinged summery pop punk song that if it had been on a Jimmy Eat World or Starting Line record would be an instant classic – with lyrics such as “and I’m don’t ask a lot, but I’m asking you this much, please don’t let me fall” – this is the bands I grew up on, in a catchy new guise – genuinely one of the best songs I’ve discovered this year. Next up is ‘Bloom’another summery catchy record that highlights that this is a group of people who can crafty catchy anthemic songs. As the greats in this genre do, it’s a case of upbeat music paired with darker lyrics, which when done right is a winning formula.

There’s no let up when you get to ‘Movie Theatre Theft’ either with a catchy outro of “and it feels like I’m not alive, it feels like I’m wasting time” a gem of a lyric, I shared this album with a friend and the instant response was “this is road trip music” – something I think these songs should be about. Things slow down with the acoustic number ‘Face To Face’ before kicking back into life with ‘Where’s the Fire’ with lyrics of “Can’t Erase My Mistakes I’m Sorry (grow up and learn from it)”. Disregard is a darker less upbeat song that takes a different direction in terms of the music.

However in ‘Executive’ and closing track ‘Life and Times’, the pace picks up again and the record gets back to its summer tinged style. The album is full of emotions over the top of solid musicianship. How bigger things haven’t happened for this band yet, I’m not sure!

Figure It Out is a fantastic record ‘Did I Look Okay Back There?’ is genuinely the stand out track of the year for me so far – this is band that I will definitely be keeping an eye on – and hoping for a UK tour sooner rather than later!

10/10 for me


For fans of: Fireworks, Jimmy Eat World, The Wonder Years

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