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EP Review: Equal Measures by Milestones

Manchester pop-rockers Milestones released their EP Equal Measures on the 6th April. It’s an instantaneous and snappy five tracks that is equal parts big hooks and catchy riffs.

Averaging just 18, you can tell that Equal Measures is the sound of a band in their young years. It has the sound of growing up and finding your feet. With that you’ll find the band having a certain mass appeal, you could even be forgiven for saying its fodder for the teenage Kerrang! crowd. That’d be pretty harsh, but there is an element of truth to it.

‘More To Me’ and ‘Nothing Left’ are very good songs and worth of praise, yet it’s just not very original. Imagine Funeral For A Friend when they started out and ramp up the pop and you’ll find the sound of Milestones. There isn’t anything particularly wrong with that, you’ll just find the band’s fan base being comprised of the under 20s.

There’s plenty of potential to Milestones, they could be a great band. With the exception of ‘Counterweight’ every track on Equal Measures is an enjoyable, if uninspiring listen.


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