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Album Review: Romantic Errors Of Our Youth by Brawlers

Leeds punks Brawlers release their debut Romantic Errors Of Our Youth on the 6th April. It’s a stunningly snappy 10 tracks of punk, full of hooks and choruses that sucker you in engrain themselves in your very core. There’s a pop sensibility to Brawlers that lends itself to the accessible and instantaneous sound, yet there’s just enough punk attitude to save it from entering into pop punk territory.

Opener ‘Annabel’ is instantaneous and has a glorious pop hook; before ‘Drink & Dial’ has the youthful reckless abandon that has the ability to get Brawlers a legion of new fans. Both tracks come in shy of 2 minutes, yet they pack a serious punch that suckers you in and leaves you begging for more.

‘High Again’ is deliciously addictive. There’s a serious bass groove going on before the grunge laden guitars lift the track to its high point. Imagine the grunge pop of Dinosaur Pile-Up, but cranked up a notch. ‘N.O.R.E.S.T’ seems to channel the pop sensibilities of the Ramones and 90s Green Day while throwing in some Nirvana-esque guitar at the 1 minute mark, and finishing of akin to The Hives. A glorious track.

‘Two Minutes’ again has an infectious hook and drive that suckers you in and doesn’t let go. The band sings about “having two minutes to make you love me” and they’ve certainly made this reviewer fall in love with the band. ‘Windowmisser’ excels in its simplicity – the riffs set things off superbly before the chorus kicks in yet again you fall in love with the track. The structure of the track is the real highpoint.

Unsurprisingly Romantic Errors Of Our Youth is completely different to frontman Harry George Johns’ solo stuff, it’s far more upbeat – dealing with a completely different subject matter than his EPs – it’s not even a comparison. While you may notice some similarities to his former band Dinosaur Pile-Up they are few and far between, hell when Brawlers go into pop-grunge mode they do it a ridiculously high standard.

Romantic Errors Of Our Youth is a seriously good listen. Instantaneous and addictive the short and snappy songs will leave you begging for more and you’ll stick the album on repeat. Get in on the Brawlers action now before they explode into the rock mainstream.

AD Rating 8/10.


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