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Album Review: Arnos Vale by Personal Best

Bristol’s fuzzy power pop trio Personal Best release their debut album Arnos Vale on the 30th March. It’s a gloriously snappy burst of punky pop music that will thrill and sucker you in. Think Lumeria with the pop turned up a notch.

Coming in at under 25 minutes Arnos Vale is a short but punch statement of intent. ‘If You Meet Someone In Love’ is laden with hooks and has an instantaneous quality that will draw you in and make you fall in love with the track. The lyrical content is upbeat and life affirming, a theme which is carried on throughout the album.

‘Love Is On Your Side’ has a 90s pop rock feel that is infectious. Simple yet effective you’ll find yourself singing a long before the gusto of ‘Poor Old You’ gets you dancing. It has a reckless abandon that make you want to move and throw caution to the wind. ‘This Is What We Look Like’ has a pop-punk quality that yet again is instantaneous. It’s all about being in love and wanting to show it off to the world. The lyrics are sickenly sweet and full of love, yet you’d be hard pushed to not want to sing-a-long to the glorious hook. Hell if you’re not singing “I want to kiss you in the street, where everyone can see” by the end then you’ve got no soul. Coming in at over three and a half minutes it’s the longest track on the album by some way; it’s also the strongest and the standout track.

‘Song for The Failures Union’ has a fantastic guitar intro before the sweet vocal of Katie Gatt kicks in and suckers you in for the remaining two minutes. ‘This Time Next Year’ has a guitar lick and hook that will transport you back to late 90s pop-punk. ‘Beauty Is Terror’ is a defiant tale of standing up for yourself and being strong, like the rest of Arnos Vale it’s impossible not to fall in love with the track. It’s too infectious and the hooks are too good not to love it.

Arnos Vale may be ridiculous short, but it’s ridiculously great too. It’s an upebeat and feel good album that you’ll find impossible not to enjoy and stick on repeat. Take this as Personal Best’s statement of intent. They’ll be huge, fantastic stuff.
AD Rating 8/10


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