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Album Review: For All My Sisters by The Cribs

Leeds indie rock trio The Cribs released their sixth album For All My Sisters on the 23rd of March. For All My Sisters sees the three Jarman siblings returning to form, every song is every bit as catchy and instantaneous as any of their most successful output in the late 2000s.

It was around that time that Johnny Marr (of The Smiths fame) gave them that extra push and more appeal. With For All My Sisters they’ve got another helping hand, this time from former The Cars frontman Ric Ocasek behind the production desk. Ocasek is most famous for his work with Guided By Voices and most notably on Weezer’s The Blue Album.

Album opener ‘Finally Free’ definitely has a Weezer feel to it, 90s mid tempo pop rock to a tee. Is that a bad thing? Not at all, it isn’t a shameless Weezer rip off – how could it be with that distinctive Jarman vocal. It’s a glorious track, getting the album off to a cracking start. ‘Different Angle’ is even catchier; the high pitched guitar duels excellently with the duel vocals and you’ll find yourself singing-a-long.

‘City Storms’ transports you back to the glorious Men’s Needs, Woman’s Needs, Whatever (2007). It has the swagger and discordant guitar that was typical of UK indie back then. A timely reminder of how good The Cribs once where and how For All My Sisters very nearly propels them back to that peak.

The Weezer comparison is never far away though, take ‘Pacific Time’ and ‘An Ivory Hand’ for example. The former takes the structure and ‘Woo woo’ style harmony straight from Weezer at their most accessible, while the latter lifts its sound from a Pinkerton era Weezer. Fortunately you can’t hold it against them; it’s too infectious and too enjoyable. Excuse me for saying it, but they might even do the Weezer sound better than Weezer these days.

‘Summer Of Chances’ is the stand out track of For All My Sisters. Instantaneous and enthralling – the guitars are ridiculously easy on the ear while the drums drive and that Jarman vocal suckers you in and never lets go. On both ‘Diamond Girl’ and ‘Spring on Broadway’ you get a real taste of that distinctive Cribs sound that fits somewhere just in between indie and punk – too accessible to be punk and too discordant and grungey to be indie – the perfect blend. Here at Alt Dialogue we love an album closer so much it could sway our opinion of an album, happily The Cribs sign off with aplomb with ‘Pink Show’. It condenses the feel and different textures of the album within 7 minutes superbly. Just listen to the guitar work, Kurt Cobain would’ve been proud.

For All My Sisters is a real return to form for The Cribs. It just comes up short as their best work, but never the less this should be essential listening for everyone.
AD Rating 8.5/10


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