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Album Review: Disquiet by Therapy?

Legendary Northern Irish band Therapy? have released their 14th album, Disquiet. It’s a storming 40 minutes of aggressive hard rock full of big riffs and hooks. While many people still look at the bands seminal 1994 album Troublegum as the marker for any Therapy? release it’s an unfair comparison to make. Many bands will never reach that high point and it’d be a mistake to try to emulate that sound.

That said Disquiet has that unmistakable Therapy? undertone. Andy Cairns’ vocal is as distinctive as ever and the guitar has all the trademarks of the band at their most accessible albeit with that aggressive edge. Therapy? have the knack of changing the feel and sound from one album to the next and as such Disquiet is quite the departure from the mature A Brief Crack Of Light (2012). If you’ve got to make a comparison, think 2003’s High Anxiety.

Lead single and album opener ‘Still Hurts’ is a massive rock song, the guitars sound huge, Neil Cooper’s frantic drumming drives the track while Cairns’ snarl delivers an almost sinister hook. ‘Tides’ is easily the most accessible track on Disquiet it is fantastically catchy and you’ll find yourself singing along mid way through your first listen.

‘Good News Is No News’ continues the knack for a killer hook, while the bass intro and drumming of ‘Idiot Cousin’ transports you back to 90s. Glorious stuff. ‘Vulgar Display Of Power’ showcases Therapy? at their devastatingly heavy best. The guitars pulverise while the drums beat towards your eventual submission. Crammed full of energy and enthralling throughout, it’s a real standout track. ‘Words Fail Me’ is crammed with an evil air before album closer ‘Deathstimate’ signs off in real style. Commanding and refined, you’ll find ‘Deathstimate’ being one of the most complete hard rock tracks of the year. The opening riff is glorious, the retrospective moments are chillingly emotional, the mix of quiet and loud moments will give you goose bumps, hell if you’re not singing ‘I’m no closer wisdom’ by the end you’ve got no soul.

With Disquiet Therapy? deliver up a master class on hard rock. Forget your modern contenders to the throne. If you want your rock hard and masterful go to the old pros. 24 years since the release of Babyteeth and the band haven’t lost any of the magic that made them such a special band at their height in the 90s. Disquiet sits well with bands finest output.

AD Rating 8.5/10.


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